National Filter Service® (NFS) provides a nationally standardized system of maintaining HVAC filters at the lowest possible price. Servicing more than thirteen thousand retail customers in the continental US and Canada, National Filter Service® is North America's only national air filter service.

For any retailer, developing a network of vendors to change HVAC filters can mean frustration and inefficiency. Without a central point of contact, there are few controls to assure each store receives the same service with the same performance standards and prices.

With National Filter Service®, each retail location receives the same high level of service, with the same performance standards and ethics, and all at the same price. How do we do it? National Filter Service® only uses company service technicians, not subcontractors, who must adhere to our high technical and professional standards. Additionally, our quality control programs are unmatched in the air filter service industry.

Our service is simple. When our technician arrives at your retail location he:

  1. Changes all filters
  2. Leaves the soiled filters for inspection, and
  3. Has the manager sign the work order

Upon completion of a route, National Filter Service® provides a copy of all work orders completed on that route along with a consolidated invoice. Regardless of the number of stores or where they are located, National Filter Service® delivers the same quality service every time.

With over twenty years of experience, National Filter Service® provides the retail industry with a level of service and accountability unmatched in the air filter service industry. This is why NFS remains, "America's Only National Air Filter Service."


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